Project: Gallery Wall

So guys, I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but when it comes to basically doing anything in life, I am typically either full-steam ahead, or slightly dragging my feet and putting things off.  I’m either super clean or sometimes (and I hate to admit this, but it’s true), happily messy.  I can be perfectly […]


For whatever reason, I have recently thought several times of a dinner conversation that we had one night a few months ago at my parents’ house.  We were all talking about what books we had recently read, and which ones we would suggest reading.  When the question was directed at me, I was immediately animated […]

The Itch

I’ve heard it called a lot of different things around town, but for me, I think that I’ve got a bad case of the seven year itch.  I can’t almost believe that I am about to say this. . .but. . .I’ve been feeling a little bit sick of San Diego lately.  I know, shocking, […]

(Re)Finding Me

As a lot of you have probably noticed, I haven’t been as active with writing new blog posts or sharing new content on Instagram since the start of the New Year.  Maybe you’re thinking that I’ve gotten a bad case of writer’s block, have been busy traveling, possibly have gotten really lazy or have just […]

The Truth

Here is the truth that I have been avoiding for, well, years.  I have been really inconsistent with running for a long time.  For some people, inconsistently consistent might be good enough in terms of exercise.  But for me, knowing the reward of being consistent with running, how amazing that feels, and how much easier […]

17 Months

Wow, 17 months.  I can’t quite believe that 17 months have passed by since I first started my 101 in 1001.  For whatever reason, it just feels like the time has flown by. . .17 months.  I don’t want to say that I am feeling panicked about completing everything on my list (because I think […]

A White Christmas

Growing up, I have such fond memories of watching White Christmas almost every Christmas Eve or Christmas Day when all of my extended family got together to celebrate.  I think that the movie was probably put on to intrigue us kids into settling down, but somehow none of us did very well with the whole […]

Finding Joy

It was one of those days where I started reading a blog post, and then I followed a link to a related article, and then I followed another link from that article to a different article, and then I followed a link from that article to another article.  And pretty much before I knew it, […]

The Year of the Recipe

Over the years, I have amassed quite the list of recipes from our travels to cook at home.  Some are recipes that I have been inspired to recreate and some are recipes that I have received.  But sadly, most have gone unmade.  Yep, even though I cook at home most nights of the week, I […]

A Grateful Heart

I was recently reading something about gratitude (but please don’t ask me what, because I can’t remember for the life of me), and it suggested the idea that gratitude is not just about giving vocal thanks, but that true gratitude is being content in the present.  Not using your energy to look back, not thinking […]