When Ryan and I were first married, we often talked about the different family traditions that we each grew up with.  I remember saying to him, “…so why do you eat pizza on Christmas Eve?”  Well, one year his family decided to make pizza on Christmas Eve, and then they did it again the next […]


Today the blog turns three, and honestly it feels like just yesterday that I woke up and snuck into the office while Ryan was preparing me a special birthday breakfast, and I wrote my first blog post.  But poof, here we are, three years and 271 blog posts later. And so it feels only fitting […]


There is something about this back to school time of year that really makes me miss Boston.  Probably a little bit because it was when Ryan and I would have both just returned to the city for the new school year and were reunited (we both went to college in Boston), partially because Boston is […]


I think that I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that today marks the start of September, and in a lot of ways, what feels like the start of Fall.  More so than ever, this Summer has flown by.  I know in large part this was due to Ryan and I […]

the Italy Itch

I can’t deny it, I’ve got the itch.  Bad.  I know that this might sound kind of crazy because it feels like we practically just got home from our big trip to Europe (where in total I spent 5 weeks in Italy), but I’ve got the itch to go back to Italy and I can […]


I don’t know what it is about putting my pajamas on, but truth be told, once I have changed from day clothes to night clothes, there is really no hope for me to feel motivated to leave our apartment.  There is just something about changing into my comfy clothes and snuggly socks, and I am […]

Back to School

I don’t know what it is about the back to school time of year that gets me so excited, (especially because I’m not even in school anymore) but I just absolutely love it.  When I was a kid, I think that my excitement was generally over getting to pick out a new outfit or backpack, […]


Last Thursday after we enjoyed an early morning beach walk and brunch at our favorite Coronado spot, Clayton’s Coffee Shop, we drove out to Lake Jennings to go camping for the night as a little anniversary getaway.  We arrived to find our campsite perched high above the Lake with beautiful views in every direction, and […]

Dear Ryan

Yesterday we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, and I feel so blessed to be more in love with you today than any day before.  When we met in college, I had absolutely no clue what love was, how it felt or how it could completely change my life.  But it happened, and you changed […]

Where You’ll Find My Heart

Do you have a place somewhere in the world that is like no other?  A place where you could endlessly go to for vacation?  A place that every time you see a picture of, your heart completely melts into a puddle?  A place that when you think about, you can’t help but smile?  For me […]