Boston for the Holidays

It feels longer ago than I wish that it did.  The snow, the cold, that freezing wind, and truly just the magic of being in Boston for Christmas.  While California doesn’t do a horrible job in terms of decorating and celebrating the holidays, because the weather is most likely hovering somewhere around 70°, for this Midwestern girl, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without the cold.

So when the Colonnade Hotel invited us to spend a few days in the city before Santa arrived, we were both beyond excited.  As some of you know or might remember, Boston is a very special place for Ryan and I.  Aside from being the city that we both lived in while we were in college (and attempted to get smarter) (haha), it is the city where we met, fell in love, and really started a life together.

The Commons is one of our favorite places to walk around.

To be honest though, whenever we return to Boston, we are really the worst tourists ever.  We basically are just huge creatures of habit – we like to walk the entire city (in the same way that we used to), pretty much eat our way through most of the city (at all of our favorite restaurants), and basically do as much retracing of our college steps as possible.  Maybe this makes us feel just a little bit more connected to our younger selves, but really, for us it just feels like the happiest possible way to visit Boston.

But the Colonnade was a new experience for us on this trip.  We had never stayed in a hotel in this part of town before (Back Bay), although funny enough, that is exactly where we lived in college.  So for these two romantics, we pretty much melted a little bit thinking about staying so close to where we had lived.  (Although, thank the Lord that we never have to return to our college dorm again.)

It was easy for the Colonnade to win us over – the staff was professional, courteous, and amazing with remembering our names.  There was a round-the-clock hot chocolate and sugar cookie bar that basically fulfilled Ryan’s dreams.  And for me, a comfortable and fluffy bed with city views to die for.

The beautiful city view from our floor-to-ceiling windows.

We happily helped ourselves to hot cocoas both on our way out to brave the cold, and on our way back in to help ourselves defrost.  And when the weather took a freezing rain turn, we ordered in room service breakfast, opened up the curtains, and enjoyed the storm from the comfort of our room.

I am still dreaming about that grapefruit brûlée and those eggs benedict.

Although we both love the cold, since it was a little bit of an adjustment for our California bodies, it was really nice being able to take advantage of the train stop being literally 10 steps from the front door of the hotel.  And for those days when we walked everywhere, we took advantage of using the Prudential Center (across the street from the Colonnade) as a cut-through to Boylston and Newbury Streets.  Without a doubt, we both agreed that this has been the best located hotel that we have stayed at in Boston.

Newbury Street.

One of the cutest neighborhoods in Boston (especially during the holidays), Beacon Hill.

We easily hopped around the city making sure not to miss any of our favorite stops.  After all, what is a trip to Boston without a killer lobster (say lob-stah) roll, a trip to Mike’s Pastry, or our other personal North End favorite, Giacamo’s.

If you are looking for character and charm, the North End has oodles.

Polcari’s Coffee.

Our favorite lunch spot, Neptune Oyster.  (Bonus: they have the best wine list in the city.)

Boston has such amazing character and energy that feels like nowhere else.  It’s a bit of old meets new, new meets old, and everything in between.  The people are outgoing and friendly, the food is fresh and unapologetic, and you could be happy as a clam just wandering with nowhere to go.

Ahh, Boston (insert loud sigh here).  If I could move back, you’d have me tomorrow.  You aren’t known as the city that never sleeps, nor the windy city, you’re just you.  Some call you Beantown, others (apparently) call you the hub of the universe, but for me. . .well, what is the word for the feeling that you get when your heart melts?  Because that is exactly what you are.

The Colonnade Hotel Boston offered us a complimentary stay while we were in town, however no monetary compensation was received.  Everything that I have shared with you is an honest account of our experience.

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  1. Great Post Katie.Pat

    1. Awww, thanks Pat!

  2. I woke up missing Christmas this morning, and looking at this post cheered me up! All your pictures are so scenic that jt makes me want to plan on going to Boston next December!

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