The Best Fish Tacos.

Before the hubs and I moved to San Diego, I remember my Mom telling us about how much my Uncle Mike loved eating fish tacos while living there.  Yuck!  Fish tacos!?!  (that was seriously my reaction).  Even though I loved all things fish, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around a fish taco.


the famous fish taco

Fast forward a few years, and we found ourselves moving out to San Diego…funny how things work, right?  Well, it didn’t take us long before we decided to give the whole fish taco craze a try.  Our first fish taco was from Rubio’s (a pretty famous chain and honestly quite tasty), and we were both instantly hooked.  We had no clue what were missing.


the trifecta: cheese ‘dilla, fish taco and taco gobernador

Over the years (5 now to be exact), we’ve tried various fish tacos at restaurants, chains, markets, food trucks; you name it, we’ve tried it (for research purposes of course).  In all that we have tried, none have come close to our complete obsession with Marisco’s, a food truck parked at 22nd and Imperial.


the monstrous, share-worthy fish burrito (it has like 10 pieces of fish in it!)

The first time we went, we were actually running into the Neighborhood Market across the street to grab a few essentials.  On our way out I paused and suggested that maybe we should go try a taco across the street.  My husband was like “you would eat there?!?”  While it might not be the nicest looking food truck, or in the nicest neighborhood, I was like “yeah, I’ve kind of got a feeling about it.”

Let me mention that history has proven that when I get a “feeling” about something, it’s go time.  For example:

Me:“Hey honey, do you want to go to the mall?  I kind of wanted to go to Zara.” 

Hubby: “Sure, what for, is there something you wanted?” 

Me: “I’m not sure, I just have a feeling like I should go today.”  

Outcome?  The sweater that I was eyeing was randomly 50% off.  In the words of my husband, boom! (insert fist bumping)


So you get the drift, when my husband heard I had a “feeling” he knew that I was onto something.  Although to tell the story historically accurate, he was still pretty hesitant.  SO much so, that I was the only one to order a taco.  Regardless, I was instantly excited; I only paid $1.35 for the taco, and they offered me a free soup while I waited.  Free soup?  Fresh fried fish?  Yes and yes.  Well, it’s safe to say that my husband did try my taco and we did order more.  And there began our great love and slight obsession with Marisco’s.


my new fav, taco gobernador – sweet shrimp, oaxca cheese & crunchy veggies

Up until a few months ago, we still tried other places, but with continued un-success in finding a decent taco anywhere else, we have closed our search, and happily hop down to our favorite Marisco’s regularly.  And not just for fish tacos anymore (as you can tell by my pictures) – all of their food is ah-mazing!


fish tostada ($2.85) – 2 fresh fried tostadas w/ homeamde fish ceviche

Don’t be thrown off when you go, they did recently change trucks.  Their food truck no longer says Marisco’s on it, but Jolla Shark.  We almost died when we first saw this change and thought our beloved Marisco’s had left us, but no, same people, same food, just a new truck.


shiny new truck – love the cartoon shark on it!

If you go during the lunch rush, be prepared to wait; but wait and I promise you that you won’t regret it, you will enjoy the best fish taco in San Diego, fins down.

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