The hubby and I just got back from the most amazing 7 week adventure in Europe – and to be honest, pretty much the whole time we were away I was apologizing for needing to stop and do work while we were on vacation.  Of course my hubby very sweetly reminded me that he is so grateful for my work and the opportunities it has brought us, and that there was and is absolutely nothing to apologize for.  I did always agree with him, but therein lies the rub…I love blogging because I can do it anywhere; however, the downside of blogging is that I need to do it everywhere.

For the most part, I don’t feel like I have a struggle with work / life balance at home since I can basically plan my work schedule around the hubby’s and any other things going on in our lives.  It is mostly when we have out of town guests visiting or when we are traveling that things feel a little tricky for me.

Why?  Well, I never want to feel like people are waiting on me to take a picture, or finish up a social media post or postpone enjoying a home-cooked meal because I am trying to document it.  But at the same time, it is all of those pictures and all of those moments that show my audience what my life is like.

I know that part of what I am experiencing is that as my blog grows more, there is more work to do, and that requires more time.  (Which is seriously the greatest blessing ever!)  And even as a I write this, I almost feel silly for saying these thoughts out loud – I would never want anyone to think that I am not endlessly grateful for all of my opportunities – it is just that this is new ground for me.  I am sort of figuring out my footing as things with the blog grow, and life keeps moving along.

So I guess that all I know for sure right now is that sometimes life can be a little tricky, I feel insanely blessed that it is, I need to stop apologizing for doing work and I am endlessly grateful that my hubby, friends and family are all so supportive.

Part of creating the life that you want for yourself is saying what you want out loud.  So I know that by simply sharing with you all that I am looking to find a little more balance with work time and play time, I am somehow already figuring it all out and everything is just as it should be.

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  1. You truly do such an amazing job balancing everything in life, and I’m so lucky to be able to watch you and your blog grow! I’m so proud of you Katie!

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