10 Months

You guys all know that I am a firm believer in saying out loud what you want for your life (something that my Mom has always encouraged us to do).  It is such a simple idea to say aloud a dream or hope or idea, but it is truly the easiest way to create the life that you want.  Over the years, having put this to the test and working on being conscious of my thoughts (“the Secret” has helped tremendously with that), I continue to be amazed at the results.

And although you could just take my word for it, I can do even better and give you all the proof of this working in my life.  Remember my 101 in 1001 list?  Yep, I spelled out my dreams and goals to you all about what I wanted to accomplish in the coming years (2.75 to be exact).  That was the first step.  The next step was just letting the universe do its work.  I don’t go back and read my list, and I don’t plan things to do in life based off of what I have written down (in fact I have mostly forgotten what is on my list).  I just do my best to live my best everyday.


Since it had been a few months since I had looked back at my list, I decided to read through it, update it (if I could) and see where I was.  Well…wow…I checked off about 10 more things.  10!  I was shocked.  Maybe I am still a little shocked.  I honestly didn’t realize that I was accomplishing so many things.

I’m not going to lie, it definitely feels good to see almost one third of my list done in the first 10 months of this adventure.  It really makes me stop and take a look back at the past year and feel really good about everything that I have accomplished.  Actually, it makes me feel pretty great.


Looking ahead and thinking about my list, well, we’ll see where it takes me.  I think that there are a few things that will definitely need adjustments, and some other things that might never happen (like #83: one month without sugar).  But it doesn’t matter what happens by day 1001, because doing everything on the list was never the point of the list.  The list has just been a fun way for me to dream and brainstorm about everything that could be a part of my life.  If I get there, great.  And if I don’t…well, it just gives me that much more to dream about.

#60 / Make sure to take a look at my fully updated list here.

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  1. You’ve done an absolutely amazing job, and I love your attitude-it’s about the journey and the process, not just checking off list items. You’re truly an inspiration to me each and every day! I love you so much Katie!

    1. Thanks babe!

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